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Technical Support Unit


See here all the legislation that supports the activity of UTA, as well as legislation applicable to the acquisition of goods and services in the context of ICT.

Order of 17th November 2017

Creates, with IGFEJ, the Technical Support Unit (UTA) to manage the requests for prior opinion of the bodies and services of MJ in the Support Platform for the AMA’s Opinion process request.
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Decree-Law No 123/2011 of 29th December

Approves the Organic Law of the Ministry of Justice
Article 14 – Establishes that the The Institute of Financial Management and Equipments of Justice, I.P., (IGFEJ) is responsible for the management of infrastructure and technological resources.
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Decree-Law No 107/2012 of 18th May

Regulates the duty to inform and issue a prior opinion on the acquisition of goods and services in the information and communication technologies area.
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Law No. 83-C/2013 of 31st December
Approves the State Budget for 2014, gives new wording to articles 1, 2 and 4 and adds articles 4-A and 4-B, all of Decree-Law no. 107/2012 of 18th May
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RCM No 48/2012 of 21st May
Approves the list of critical operating systems referred to in paragraph 5 of article 1 od Decree-Law No 107/2012 of 18th May
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RCM No 2/2018 of 5th January

Revises the National Digital Interoperability Regulation (RNID) and revokes RCM No 91/2012 of 8th November. 
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Decree-Law No 83/2018 of 19th October

Transposes Directive (EU) 2016/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 26th October 2016, on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies, to the national legal system, thus defining the respective requirements of access.
Alters Table III of the National Digital Interoperability Regulation, contained in the annex to RCM No 2/2018 of 5th January, that currently has the wording contained in the annex to this Decree-Law, of which it forms an integral part.

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