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Areas of competence

Financial and Budgetary Management

  • It presents the most appropriate financing proposal for the activity of the Ministry of Justice, within the framework of the State's budgetary and financial policy and under the strategic planning defined for the sector.
  • It carries out the activities of the Coordinating Body for the Budget Programme.
  • Defines, executes, and evaluates, in collaboration with the respective services and bodies, the budget and investment plans of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Coordinates the requisition of funds included in the State Budget (OE) allocated to the services and organisms of the Ministry of Justice.
  • It settles, collects and records its own revenue.

Costs of proceedings and Legal Aid

  • It guarantees the establishment and processing of the revenue of the judicial system and the payments foreseen in the Regulation on Procedural Costs (RCP).
  • It processes the remuneration owed to legal professionals for services rendered under the Access to Law and Courts Act.
  • It provides support to courts and service providers concerning financial transactions carried out within the framework of the RCP and access to law, courts, and users of the proceeding costs informatic system.

Patrimony Management

  • It ensures the supervision of the vehicle fleet assigned to the services of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Promotes the carrying out of studies related to the Ministry of Justice's real estate assets and facilities, particularly concerning planning needs and making the existing assets profitable.
  • It ensures, rationally and efficiently, the management and administration of the real estate allocated to the Ministry of Justice, organizing and updating the respective registry and inventory, carrying out evaluations, drawing up and executing acquisition, rental, and disposal plans, and allocating real estate for the installation of bodies, services, and organisms.

Facilities Management

  • Defines the program of construction, remodelling, expansion, adaptation, and conservation contracts for buildings, coordinating the respective planning with the services and organisms of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Coordinates the definition of the preliminary project programs and ensures, in coordination with the services and organisms of the Ministry of Justice, the preparation of projects, the management of projects, and the coordination and supervision of the public works contracts.

Information and Communication Technologies

  • Assures the presentation of proposals for the design, implementation, and maintenance of technological resources and information systems within the Ministry of Justice, ensuring their management and administration, in collaboration with other services and organisms of the Ministry of Justice, as well as providing IT support to users.
  • It ensures the suitability of the information systems to the management and operational requirements of the organs, services, and organisms under the Ministry of Justice.
  • It manages the Justice communications network in coordination with the services and organisms of the Ministry of Justice, guaranteeing its security and operability and promoting the unification of methods and processes, without affecting the special information security regimen entrusted to the Directorate General of the Administration of Justice (DGAJ).
  • Elaborates proposals for articulation with the strategic plan of the information systems within the Justice field, considering the technological evolution and the global training needs.
  • Prepares, develops and coordinates proposals for investment projects, in the fields of IT and communications, for the services and bodies of the Ministry of Justice.
  • It promotes management solutions for structured and unstructured information in the field of Justice, namely of public access, in legal and document matters.
  • Assures international representation in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, in articulation with the other competent services and organisms of the Ministry of Justice, unless this representation is assured by another service or individual, depending on the subject, by a ruling of the member of the Government responsible in the area of Justice.
  • It performs certification duties within the Ministry of Justice.

General administration

  • Ensures human resources management for the IGFEJ.
  • It ensures public procurement procedures not covered by the ministerial procurement unit, in articulation with the other services and organisms of the Ministry of Justice.

Public Goods Management

  • Administering assets seized, recovered, or declared lost to the State, within the framework of national criminal proceedings or acts of international judicial cooperation.
  • It manages the sale of goods, allocation to a public or socially useful purpose.