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Areas of competence

Budget and Financial Management

  • Presents the funding proposal best suited for the activity of the Ministry of Justice, in line with the state budget and financial policy and within the strategic planning defined for the sector.
  • Develops the activities of the Budget Programme Coordinating Entity.
  • Defines, executes, and evaluates, in collaboration with its public bodies, the budget and investment plans of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Coordinates the grant requisition foreseen in the State Budget for the public bodies of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Settles, collects, and records its own revenues.

Costs of proceedings and Legal Aid

  • Guarantees the calculation and processing of the judicial system revenues and the payments foreseen in the Regulation of Costs of Proceedings (RCP).
  • Processes the compensation owed to legal professionals for services provided under the Law of Access to Law and the Courts.
  • Ensures the support given to courts and service providers, regarding the financial operations carried out within the scope of RCP and the access to legal proceeedings and the court, as well as the users of the computer system for costs of proceedings.

Estate Management

  • Ensures supervision of vehicles allocated to the services of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Promotes the execution of studies related to the facilities and the estate of the Ministry of Justice, in particular regarding the planning of needs and the profitability of existing estate.
  • Ensures the appropriate and efficient management of the properties allocated to the Ministry of Justice, organising, and updating the respective register and inventory, carrying out assessments, preparing and executing acquisition, leasing and disposal plans and proceeding with the allocation of properties for its public bodies.

Project Management

  • Defines the programme for the construction, renovation, expansion, adaptation, and maintenance of facilities, coordinating its planning with the public bodies of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Coordinates the definition of the initial programming of projects and ensures, in cooperation with the public bodies of the Ministry of Justice, the elaboration and management of projects and the coordination and supervision of the contracts.

Information and Communication Technologies

  • Ensures the submission of proposals for the design, execution and maintenance of technological resources and information systems of the judicial system, ensuring their management in collaboration with other public bodies of the Ministry of Justice and the technological support for its users.
  • Ensures the suitability of the information systems for the management and operational needs of the judicial public bodies and services.
  • Manages the communications network of the judicial system, in collaboration with the services and public bodies of the Ministry of Justice, ensuring its security and operability and promoting the unification of methods and procedures, without prejudice to the special information security regime entrusted to the General Directorate of Administration of Justice (DGAJ).
  • Elaborates proposals in agreement with the Ministry of Justice’s strategic plan for information systems, taking into account technological developments and the global training needs.
  • Prepares, develops and coordinates the technology and communications investment projects for the services and public bodies of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Promotes structured and non-structured information management solutions in Justice, in particular for general access, and legal and documentary areas.
  • Ensures international representation in Information and Communication Technologies, in collaboration with other services and public bodies of the Ministry of Justice, unless said representation is ensured by another service or person, by ordinance of the member of Government responsible for Justice.
  • Performs functions of certification in remit of the Ministry of Justice.

General administration

  • Ensures human resources management for the IGFEJ.
  • Ensures public recruitment procedures not covered by ministerial purchasing unit in collaboration with other services and public bodies of the Ministry of Justice. 

Asset Administration

  • Ensures the management of assets recovered, seized, or confiscated by the State, under national procedure or international judicial cooperation action.
  • Sale of assets, allocation to public or socially useful purposes