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Property Management and Projects

IGFEJ is the body responsible for the Ministry of Justice’s Estate Management, whose ownership rests with the State, the Institute itself or third parties. 

IGFEJ’s competences in the scope of property management cover all the buildings where the services and bodies of the Ministry of Justice operate, including Courts, Conservatories, Prisons and Educational Centres, Criminal Police and INMLCF. 
In addition, IGFEJ is also responsible for elaborating projects and monitoring the execution of the respective interventions, which essentially occur at four different levels of solution:

  • Construction of new buildings or expansion of existing ones;
  • Conservation works, namely repairs to roofs, interior spaces and building facades;
  • Improving working and utilization conditions for the judiciary system professionals and citizens, namely rehabilitation of electrical installations and air conditioning, and implementation of physical and electronic security and accessibility;
  • Improvement works for the accommodation of services in new buildings or reorganization of existing ones, adapting them to new functionalities.