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Coordinating entity of the Justice Budget Program

The Institute for Financial and Estate Management of Judicial Services (IGFEJ) is the coordinating body for the Judicial Budget Programme.
In this capacity:

  • It monitors and controls the budget execution of the Judicial Budget Programme, in accordance with the requirements arising from the relationship between the Budget General Directorate and the various bodies of the Ministry of Justice.
  • It defines, under its political supervision, the main objectives for the budget programme  as appropriate and representative of its activities, and taking into account the political policies to be implemented in the area of Justice.

The decree-laws for the execution of the State Budget define the competences   and duties of the coordinators of the budget programmes.
In 2017, the implementing decree-law assigns PO008 to IGFEJ, which, in line with its  egundo ual ty of coordinating the budget programme, is responsible for:

  • Presenting monthly expenditure projections for the programme, including the validation of the monthly forecasts of the respective bodies;

  • Analysing deviations from budget execution and the respective risks for the year, preparing the relevant monthly analysis report, under the terms to be defined by the DGO;

  • Defining economy saving measures, efficiency and effectiveness indicators for the programme, and  the respective objectives and targets;

  •  Assessing the degree of achievement of the programme’s objectives, including the respective policy measures, activities and projects, as well as elaborating the monitoring and control reports for financial and material execution;

  • Proposing the necessary changes to achieve the objectives of the budget programme in line with the competences defined by law;

  • Issuing a prior opinion on the registration of new measures, projects and project rebudgeting;

  • Proceeding with the regionalised division with regard to the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUT II) of the programme;

  • Preparing the technical documentation supporting the report provided for in article 72-A of Law 91/2001, of 20th August, amended and republished by Law 41/2014, of 10th July, applicable pursuant to the provisions of no. 2 of article 7 of Law 151/2015, of 11th September, the report with performance indicators regarding the execution of the budget programmes according to the Reporting models provided by DGO; 

  • Issuing a prior opinion on budget modifications that require authorisation from the Government member responsible either for financial issues or for the relevant sector. For budget amendments that have an underlying budgetary increases, the prior opinion must contain a clear demonstration of its needs and grounds for not resorting to flexible management within the budget programme, in accordance with the Reporting models provided by DGO;

  • Issuing a prior opinion on the budgetary processes of entities in the budget programme that require authorisation from the member of Government responsible for financial issues;

  • Ensuring that the revenue collected by the Budget Programme entities is fully registered in their local accounting and treasury systems and that this information is correctly reported in the MF’s central budget and treasury systems, monitoring non-compliance situations in collaboration with the DGO and the Treasury and Public Debt Management Agency – IGCP.


  • In case there are significant risks in the budget execution, IGFEJ must present, in a first stage, information containing the strategy to eliminate the risks, which must always avoid resorting to reinforcement through provisional appropriation;
  • IGFEJ has the duty to collaborate with the Ministry of Finance, in order to implement program budgeting and defining the multi-annual budget programming framework;
  • IGFEJ proceeds, until the second working day after the notification of DGO, to the distribution of the limit of available funds of the budget program by the entities of the respective budget program;
  • IGFEJ proceeds monthly, up to the tenth business day, to the validation of the available funds, provided for in article 5 of Decree-Law 127/2012, of 21st June, amended and republished by Decree-Law 99/2015, of 2nd June, reported by itself.


Government Bodies that are part of PO0008 in 2017

  • Integrated services

Centre for Judicial Studies

Commission for the Protection of Victims of Crime

General Directorate for the Administration of Justice

General Directorate for Justice Policy

General Directorate for Justice Policies

General Directorate of Reinsertion and Prison Polices

Minister of Justice’s Office

Secretary of State Assistant and of Justice Office

Secretary of State of Justice Office

General Inspectorate of Justice Services

Institute of Registries and Notary

Public Prosecution Service

Public Prosecution Service at the Administrative and Tax Courts

Portuguese Criminal Police  

Prosecutor’s General Office

Budget Reserve

General Secretary of the Ministry of Justice

Northern Central Administrative Court

Southern Central Administrative Court

Coimbra Court of Appeal

Évora Court of Appeal

Guimarães Court of Appeal

Lisbon Court of Appeal

Porto Court of Appeal

  • Autonomous Services and Funds

Commission for the monitoring of Court Auxiliaries

Fund for the Modernization of Justice

Institute of Financial Management and Equipments of Justice

Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property

Portuguese Institute of Medical-Legal and Forensic Offices


Information to be provided by SI, SFA and ECPOJ

Entities that constitute PO008 must report monthly/quarterly to the Coordinating Entity:

  • the budget modifications made;
  •  late payments;
  • manpower control;
  • quarterly execution reports (SFAS);
  • other reports deemed necessary for monitoring the budget execution of the bodies and services of the Ministry of Justice.



As the Justice Program Budget Coordinating Entity, IGFEJ issues previously approved guidelines, with instructions on relevant matters in the budget execution of the bodies of the Ministry of Justice that are included in the Budget Program.

    Approval of Multiannual Charges – Orientation no. 1 (Portuguese Only)