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Management Instruments

Risk Management, Corruption and Related Offenses Prevention Plan

Following the Council for the Prevention of Corruption Recommendation Number 1/2009, since IGFEJ manages and administers public funds, values, and assets, a Plan for the Prevention of corruption and related infractions has been prepared.

With the preparation and implementation of this Plan, risk management, which is a core element in the strategic management of organizations, is intended to be part of IGFEJ's culture, strengthening its performance following the general principles of public administration, namely the pursuit of public interest, equality, proportionality, transparency, justice, impartiality, good faith, and good administration, making all its leaders and internal and external employees who integrate the Institute accountable for its promotion.

Plan for the prevention of risks of corruption and related infractions  (portuguese only)


The execution reports aim to present the monitoring of the Plan and to contribute to the improvement of internal policies and procedures.

Execution Report of PPRGCIC 2021 (portuguese only)

Execution Report of PPRGCIC 2020 (portuguese only)

Execution Report of PPRGCIC 2019 ( portuguese only)